Board of Trustees

در . ارسال شده در our faculty

Members of Board of Trustees based on the autonomy of universities and the law for the formation of board of trustees and higher education and research institutions include: Minister of Information Technology and Communication, Minister of Science, Research and Technology (or his representative), President of University, 3 scientific characters in field of telecommunication, and head or representative of Management and Planning Organization.

The main duties and authorities of the Board of Trustees are as follows:

Approval of local by-laws for board of trustees, administrative and organizational organization of ICT faculty, employment regulations for academic staff, suggested budget, detailed budget of accounts and annual balance sheet of ICT faculty, method of collecting exclusive incomes and its consumption, determining and method of administration of production, service, workshop, health and treatment units, rate of research fee, authorship fee and as likes, suggesting the extraordinary payment for the faculty members and non-faculty members and reviewing the university report which is presented by the President of ICT faculty.



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